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Steps for You Tube Marketing

                                       Steps to be followed for You Tube Marketing

  •  *      *Rename the video filename with inclusion of keywords.(ex: Akshaya_patra_Ode_to_billion)
  •        *  Upload the video in video sharing sites
  •      *  Proper Title should be provided to video  so that users can find the video according to their searches
  •         Give the brief description about the video in the footer.
  • (a)     Link the videos from relevant web sites
  • (b)     Link the video in blog posting sites
  •   Link the video to social media pages
  •  Make the users to share the videos in facebook, twitter, myspace and so on
  •  Regularly update new videos in video sharing sites.
  • Give proper keywords relevant to  video searches.
  • You Tube is the  world biggest platform  and 2nd largest search engines
  •  It is a new ways to engage your customers with videos
  • 60 % of all the web traffic is video but by 2016 according to cisco 90 % of all the internet traffic will be video
  • Engage  the audience with video emails.
  • Use video to create mor effective sales pages,  blog spots and so on
  • Key Factors in You Tube Marketing:
  • a)       Shares
  • b)       Likes
  • c)        Comments
  • d)       Dislikes(reason for dislikes)
  • e)       Views
  • f)        Add to


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