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Monday, August 12, 2013

Manual Spam Action Viewer Launced By Google

Google has recently Launched  Manual spam Viewer in Webmaster Tools: 

You can Find in Webmaster Tools under the category  Search Traffic (manual Actions).Which will help you to know whether a site search rankings  are affected by Manual Webspam Action or Not.

What  is web Spam?

Pages that use webspam to improve search engine results page (SERP) rankings typically use black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing or cloaking

Broad Categories of search engine Spam?

  • Content Spam
a)     Keyword stuffing
b)    Meta Tags stuffing
c)     Article spinning
d)    Hidden or invisible text

  • Domain Spam
It is the registration of multiple domain name in an attempt to boost rankings. This is done in order to create multiple domains,.Different types of domain spams are:
a)     Miror websites
b)    Buying  expired domains

  • Link Spam:  Link Spamming is another well-known one that also includes anchor text spamming. Search engines consider not only the mass of link spam, but also the anchor text as this is one of the more important signals from a ranking perspective. This section obviously also includes when spammers seek to drop links on pages to increase a target pages value (forums, comments, guest books, etc.) and obviously the more nefarious hack and drop techniques. Different types of link  spam
  • 1) Link building software
  • 2) Link farms
  • 3) Hidden links
  • 4) Spam blogs
  • Redirect Spam: deflecting visitors to a  page other than which has been ranked.

  • Cloaking(  showing different content to the human visitors)
  • Term Spamming: This would be those seeking to manipulate through elements such as the page TITLE (title spam), Meta Description or Meta Keywords (meta spam). As most of us know, two out of three of those were abused to the point where most modern search engines don't use them as signals at all.
  • URL Spamming is another area they've been known to also look at. Yup, strange as it sounds, because there is some weight given to URLs by some search engines, it can be considered to be a manipulation.
  • Forums Spam
  • Profile Spam
  • Comment Spam
  • Article Marketing Spam
  • Link Exchanges, Wheels, etc
  • Unintended Followed Link Spam