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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seo Tips For Website

Seo Techniques for websites

1) Write a unique Page Title for each page on your site.
2. Write a unique Description for each page on your site.
3. Include a Keyword  for each page on your site.
4.Maintain Proper navigation on the websites.
5. Name your web pages appropriately.
6.Make sure all of your images have Alt Tags.
7.Submit your web site to Directories.
8. Website Analysis
9.Sitemap Creation
10.Competitor Analysis
11.Keyword Optimization
12.Url Structure

Robots.Txt File

By using the Robots text and Robots Meta tags would  can restrict the search engine fromCrawling,  Indexing a

The robots.txt is placed in the root folder of the website ( The robots.txt is commonly used to prevent crawling the particular web page or folder by search engines

Syntax of robots.txt file

  • User-agent: name of the crawlers
  • Disallow: the URL you want to block
User-agent: *
Disallow: /folder1

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: *.css

Impact of robots tag

It specifies the search engine crawler whether the particular page to be “indexed” and whether to “follow” out going links.
Syntax of Meta tag robots

  • index, nofollow” – allows the web page content to index and  bu links are not followed
  • noindex, follow” – webpage content is not indexed and links are followed
  • noindex, nofollow”-webpage content is not indexed and links are not followed

Differences between “NOFOLLOW” & rel=”nofollow” link attributes

 NOFOLLOW attribute is used in page level meta tag to instruct the search engine crawlers not to follow any outgoing links on the page.

rel=”nofollow” link attributes you can use on HTML link tag created by google. If you want to search engine crawlers not to follow an individual link you can use this attribute. 

< a href=”abc.html” rel=”nofollow”>abc


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