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Off Page Optimization Activities 2013

Steps for  doing Offline Activities For SEO

Two extremely popular and important Internet directories are DMOZ and Yahoo. Directories organise links under various categories and sub-categories.he search engine crawlers crawl the Internet to obtain information on the recently updated or created links.

- Search Engine Submissions
--Directory Submissions (Manual)
-Quality Link Building
- Article Submissions
- Blog Posting
- Blog Commenting
- Blog and Feed Submission to Ping Services
- Blog Directory Submission (Manual)
- RSS Feed Directory Submissions (Manual)
- Press Release Submissions
- Social Bookmarking Promotion
- Local Classified Ads Submission
- Promotion in Social Networking Sites
--Webmaster Accounts Creating
-Tracking of Visitors
-Yellow pages Listing
-Local Classified submission
-Google Reveiews

Advanced Link Building Techniques

  •   Image Optimization
  •   Videos Optimization
  •      Documenr sharing Submission
  •   Rss Feeds Submission
  •     Spam Links
  •    Link wheel
  • Spam Links

Following are the top Key Factors to be checked:

Many onpage ranking factors and offpage ranking factors that can cause search engines to band your website from search results.

1)    Alt image tag spamming:
This is another way that people will try to cram keywords into their website, allowing search engines to see their keywords, but not allowing visitors to notice any difference in their website.Don’t use repetitive words in the keywords in alt tag.
The real purpose of an alt image tag is if a user visits your website and the graphic will not load, or is disabled by their web browser, text will appear instead of the graphic. This is often used for blind people. Alt image spamming is something you want to stay clear of. Using alt image tags are good, but you can overdo it

Meta Tag Stuffing:
When same keywords are put on reputed numbers.

For example, the following website is trying to rank well for "tents".

Title Tag Stuffing:
The title is what appears in the top left hand corner of your webpage.
You only need to include your keyword(s) one time in your title tag. Anymore than 1 time will only dilute the effect, and if you overdo it as shown above, you may get banned.


  1. Thank u Rupom , It will use for all seo people.

  2. Thank u Rupom , It will use for all seo people.

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