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Friday, September 27, 2013

Hummingbird Search Algorithm Launced By Google

Google Latest Updates:

#Google Today has introduced #Hummingbird algorithm To Provide More accurate results..According to Google # Hummingbird  algorithm name has came from  "precise and fast.

Hummingbird algorithm : It’s the name of the new search algorithm that Google is using to provide better search results.

Following are the steps that can be implemented on your websites:

1) Make  question and answer pattern:   Visitors  are looking for answers and  if your site can be adapted towards a question answer pattern kind of content, then that would work best after the hummingbird update.

2) Increase the Domain Authority of Your websites:  Domain authority is playing an important role in  following each Google update. Google presents the most authoritative content to its users and  the best ways for it to identify genuine sites  by judging the quality of content and the links pointing to them.

 3) Use Schema Mark Up :  Schema mark up is a revolutionary vocabulary that can be implemented on any site using any languages like microformat, microdata and RDF. Rich snippets like ratings and reviews, recipe preparation time, data highlighter, product pricing, etc. are all forms of schema mark up. The best way to enable Google to clearly understand the content displayed on your site is with the help of schema vocabulary.

4) Implement Mobile SEO Tactics: :  Create a mobile version of your site with a faster loading time, fewer images, easy navigation, etc. is another way you can meet the expectations of the Hummingbird algorithm. Most importantly, your site should be easily crawl able and load quickly. Users hate sites that are slow and Google always panders to its users.

5) Use Google Authorship :One of the importnat factors in Hummingbird algorithm

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