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On page Optimization Factors:

                                   Factors for HTML Header Tags

•    Title: should be between 65 characters
•    Meta Description: should be between 156 characters
•    Meta Keywords: less than 300 characters
•    Meta Robots: disallow access by the engines
•    Rel="Canonical": The larger and more complex a site (the more we advise employing the canonical URL tag to prevent any potential duplicate.

                                   Factors for URL structure

•    Length: Shorter URLs appear to perform better in the search results
•    Keyword Location: outperforms and is the most recommended method of optimization
•Word Separators: Hyphens are still the king of keyword separators in URLs. It is Good if you use instead of in root domains.
URL structure should be as simple as, it should in human readable that means it should have words rather than numbers, session ids and parameters.
Not Applicable:

Ex: =1234455&sid =aa2344555.

The best practices of URL writing is usage of punctuation in URLS like  Hypen or Underscore


Page Architecture

  • Keyword Location -  Keywords should, be in the first few words (50-100)of a page's text content.

What is RSS?

 RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and is a new, easy, low cost method for distributing content on the web, using a newswire model.
Use Of Rss?
* Many content rich sites use RSS and Blogging to keep the user up-to-date with information, breaking news and other stories.
* Subscription by RSS makes the content come to the user rather than the user having to go to different web logs to fetch it.

Major benefits of using RSS for Blogging

Higher Search Engine visibility
S* Simplicity
    Many news portals offer a large selection of RSS feeds that will always notify you about the latest articles on a particular topic. The simplicity of RSS also manifests itself in that you can open new articles very easily via your RSS reader without having to open a new web page. 
* *  Time Saving

Several major search engines such as Yahoo! and MSN are offering to index your RSS feed along with your website (or Blogs) if your visitors include your RSS feed in their search engine specific accounts.

RSS benefits for publishers:

1. Reaching new audiences.
2. Improved search engine optimization
3. Additional way to communicate with customers or potential customers.

RSS benefits for website visitors:

1. Website visitors do not have to release personal information in order to subscribe to an RSS feed.
2. 100% opt-in, users control the content they wish to receive.

Document sharing submission:

It is the ability for more than one user to have access to a document (actually, any type of electronic file) from the location where it is stored on the network
•    Format for document sharing is .PDF, txt
•    Reads
•    Views
•    Notes
•    Downloads
Are the major factors for document sharing
•    Give proper title to the document followed by primary keywords
•    Provide proper description to the file .
•    Sequence of the keywords must be maintained :
•    Primary keywords, secondary keywords, tertiary keywords and so on
•    Rename the document with proper filename  including some keywords(e.g- Akshaya-_patra-_annual-report.pdf)
•    Google docs provided 1024 MB

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