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Link Wheel In Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

what is Link Wheel?

It is the process   in which you built multiple links  with websites that belongs  to your niche through blogs or webpages. Link wheels are usually created on free web 2.0 blogs  with related content and all the blogs are interlinked together  plus they all have links  to your  page which is the url to promote.It will not only gives links to your site  but also build links to other websites in which we have links back to your sites


1)    Will get lot of traffic
2)    Lot of link building will go  within the wheels  and have a number of incoming  and outgoing links
What does a link wheel do?
It will connect to 5  or unique  2.0 web  sites  with high pr  which results in getting backlinks to the websites
This will, give your sites  authority and relevancy  for the keyword terms  to pit your keywords higher in search results

Linked wheel  are of following  types:

1)    Closed link wheel
2)    Open link wheel
3)    Random link wheel

Closed link wheel:   Closed versions are very easy to detect the footprint and rarely do anything at all.(example: a>b>c>d>e>f>a). This created typical link wheel, leaving a search engines can follow due to the linearity in the pattern of the link
Open link wheel: Open wheel links allow adding of new spokes after a original link is created  including adding links from other popular sites they may  arise in future(a>b>c>d>e>f>)

Random link wheel:

Where you have to link randomly instead of using a linear pattern.

•    It is easier to achieved when more spokes are involved